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An expertly balanced cocktail of innovation, strategy, and results, let’s toast to leading the conversation.
Public Relations

As a leading Los Angeles public relations firm, Tyler Barnett PR has built its reputation on consistent innovation, effective strategy, and lasting results. Leveraging close working relationships within its home and national media markets, the agency is known for game-changing campaigns that position clients at the top of their industry.


Whether talking grassroots efforts, guerilla strategies, or its proprietary millennial marketing techniques, Tyler Barnett PR was made to deliver a fresh and researched perspective on an industry that’s constantly evolving. The agency’s skilled media team utilizes all spokes of the marketing umbrella to ensure maximum impact and measurable results.

Social Media Management

As a top public relations agency in Los Angeles, we develop strong and integrated social media strategies for clients in many industries. We help our clients unite their brands with social media buzz, creating meaningful connections with their desired audiences.

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2835 Press Booked
46,930 Emails Sent
300 Cups of Coffee Brewed

Our Approach

At Tyler Barnett PR, we are redefining the “full service agency” concept. Just like our clients, which range from Fortune 500 companies to up-and-coming brands, our services are also diverse. Moving beyond the realm of traditional public relations and marketing tactics, we dare to go where most PR agencies won’t: creative strategy, branding, video production, social media management, guerilla efforts, and even some advertising. Yes, we land tons of press, regularly book broadcast, and generate massive media buzz for our clients—it’s our passion—but we’re also overachievers, which means we can’t stop there. Our experience is vast.

We are storytellers, strategists, intellectuals, communicators, techies, visionaries, and pop-culture fanatics. We are the millennial marketers, the multitask-ers, the antithesis of the one trick pony. In fact, in the ten minutes it took to write this blurb, we’ve booked a national broadcast segment, wrote a commercial script, designed a press reel, pitched several journalists, held a brainstorm sesh, media trained a client, and washed it all down with a freshly brewed cup of joe.

Industries We Love

As one of the fastest growing top PR firms in Los Angeles, we have experience in a vast array of industries, and boy do we love a challenge.

Health and Beauty

One of the most prominent divisions at Tyler Barnett PR is its beauty, health, and natural & organic department. Working with both prominent product lines and icons in the field, this top Los Angeles PR firm has garnered trusted working relationships with national editors, writers, and television producers within the consumer, beauty, and lifestyle media markets. The agency’s dedicated executives conduct regular one-on-one deskside meetings with key contacts at top tier publications, such as VOGUE, Teen VOGUE, Allure, Marie Claire, NYLON, Real Simple, Essence, GQ, and many more. Tyler Barnett PR also works closely with popular deal websites, including Gilt, PopSugar, Groupon, UrbanDaddy, and more.

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Los Angeles Health and Beauty PR


Within the entertainment industry, Tyler Barnett PR has executed successful campaigns for high-profile studios, independent films, sought-after authors, radio broadcasters, popular music agencies, Fashion Week designers, global organizations, and award-winning products, earning it a reputation as one of the best public relations firms in Los Angeles. Implementing more than just traditional PR strategies, Tyler Barnett PR gives clients an added edge by also including creative direction, brand consulting, marketing, social media management, copywriting, and more in its campaigns.

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Los Angeles Entertainment PR


The expert team at our public relations agency in Los Angeles knows that technology public relations is a key component in navigating the sophisticated and ever-changing online marketplace. Tyler Barnett Public Relations is a firm that has a proven track record and can produce results for your tech-based company.

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Los Angeles Technology PR

Food and Beverage

Tyler Barnett PR has had measured success with both established and up-and-coming food and beverage companies. Whether with the intention to reinvent, reignite, or catapult a brand to the next level, the agency’s seasoned team is regularly leveraging its close contacts at publications such as Women’s Health, Shape, and bon appetit, as well as popular television networks in the field. In addition, Tyler Barnett PR may also curate and facilitate partnerships with exclusive online deal sites, such as LivingSocial, Groupon, and PopSugar.

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Los Angeles Food and Beverage PR

Business & Legal

From financial institutions to real estate moguls to world-renowned legal firms, Tyler Barnett PR has implemented a unique and highly effective strategy for generating positive buzz for its professional clients. In addition to securing ample press coverage, providing creative direction and social media management, the Beverly Hills PR agency is known for its unique ability to help clients connect andengage with a larger demographic. Utilizing its strong editorial and broadcast contacts, Tyler Barnett PR focuses on result-driven campaigns to take client’s businesses and/or services to the next level.

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Los Angeles Business and Legal PR


Globally recognized surgeons and medical pioneers work with Tyler Barnett PR to generate effective buzz of their practice. Campaigns created by our Beverly Hills PR agency have lead to features on hit television networks, widely covered press conferences, and cover stories in leading news and medical journals. Using a strategically balanced blend of media outreach, social media management, and creative marketing, Tyler Barnett PR has earned its reputation as one of the most qualified public relations and marketing firms within the medical industry.

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Los Angeles Medical PR

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